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On April 1, instead of All Fools’ Day «Homunculus» update will be installed in Lineage 2. Players will be able to create homunculi — companions that increase the stats of their master. And new session hunting zones will open for high-level characters.

Lineage 2 players will now be able to summon mysterious homunculus companions. These mystical creatures accompany their master everywhere, remaining invisible to the rest. To create such a companion, you need blood (HP), soul (SP) and tears (VP). The game has five types of homunculi: baby dragon, chick, goby, angel and orc. Each has its own unique skills. Homunculi can be leveled up: the higher the level of the companion the more bonuses the character receives.

Those who are eager to hunt for monsters can visit the updated Tower of Insolence and the Imperial Tomb. You can get there through the interface of the session zones, the entrance is open to high-level characters.

The Tower of Insolence is a stronghold in which the gods imprisoned Emperor Baium, when he intended to reveal the secret of immortality. The entrance to the tower is open to researchers from 110 level and above. You can fight monsters on the first three floors: the higher the floor, the stronger the opponents! You can spend no more than 10 hours a week in the Tower of Insolence.

Imperial Tomb is the gloomy mausoleum in which the rulers of Elmore lie. The Quest “Tomb Raiders” begins at the entrance to the location: characters have 60 minutes to deal with the monsters and get rewards.

Also the Swamp of Screams is open for players — a poisonous slough, around which aggressive Swamp Stakato roam. Monsters appear there strictly at certain times — from 13:00 to 15:00 and from 22:00 to 00:00, so you have to fight for a good spot.

Whatever location you choose, you won’t be bored! Lineage 2 is waiting for you on the 4game platform.

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