Donkey Crew’s nomadic survival MMO grapples onto Steam Early Access today with a week long launch discount

Developers, Donkey Crew, announced today that their highly anticipated nomadic survival MMO, Last Oasis, is now available for PC fans to download in Steam Early Access
Donkey Crew have also announced a week long launch discount in support of the social distancing movement, urging gamers to #staythefuckhome amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. For the next 7 days, players will receive a 17% launch discount, after which Last Oasis will be priced at $29.99 (or regional equivalent).
Watch the new Last Oasis launch trailer, here
Download the Last Oasis press kit, here
Set thousands of years in the future, Last Oasis sees players take on the role of unwilling nomads who must navigate the passing oases of a dangerous and devolved planet Earth. Long ago, a cataclysmic event destroyed the moon and halted the Earth’s rotation, plunging the planet into two extreme environments, with one habitable strip of land between desert and ice. Now, nomads must traverse the unforgiving planet on walkers: wooden, wind-powered machines and mobile bases that can be adapted for travel, transportation, harvesting, and combat.
In Last Oasis the sun burns the land in the west, turning it to dust. In order to stay ahead of the obliterating sun, nomads must explore new territories that slowly emerge on the eastern horizon, where the Earth has long been frozen in impenetrable ice. The remnants of humanity also built a large waking city, Flotilla, now the Earth’s only civilisation. Nomads must gather resources, fight with warring clans and do whatever it takes to keep the city moving or it will be lost. Keep moving, the world is dying.
“We are thrilled to be launching Last Oasis into Steam Early Access today” says Florian “chadz” Hofreither, Donkey Crew’s Creative Director and Project Lead. “Despite facing uncertain times, our beta testers have been as invaluable these past few weeks as they have been throughout our entire closed beta phase, helping us improve and shape the game. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank them and also encourage the same level of openness and involvement from new players, who we look forward to welcoming into our growing community”
Nomads can join the Last Oasis community by following @OasisNomad on Twitter, joining the official Last Oasis Discord channel and keeping a lookout on the official Steam community hub for regular updates from the development team. Nomads also interested in streaming Last Oasis, can use the official hashtag #streamlastoasis

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