Videogame studio Cereal Games, based out of S.Miguel Island, Azores, has managed to reach its main crowdfunding goal for its videogame "Pecaminosa" on Indiegogo and now, hopes to be able to reach its first stretch goal, which consists in adding professional voice acting to the game.

"We all shared a great joy when, during the middle of our campaign's funding period and in a time where there is a collective concern with the COVID-19 virus, we were able to reach our main funding goal on Indiegogo. And now, even though we are all faced with this adversity, we'll see if we can manage to reach the stretch goal that will allow us to lend voice acting to the game." states Lázaro Raposo, CEO and Game Designer of Cereal Games.

Pecaminosa's crowdfunding page (that you can check here: ) launched on March 4th, commiting to amass enough funds to promote and sell the videogame on an international scale. Having already amassed 10 thousand euros, and with it, reached its main crowdfunding goal, the azorean studio seeks to amass an additional 5 thousand euros to bring voice acting to the game.

As with other secondary objectives, the crowdfunding campaign promoted by the azorean studio also contemplates the possibility of recording the games original sountrack in a vinyl format (at the 20 thousand euro mark) as well as the possibility to design and include an additional story side quest (at the 28 thousand euro mark).

Pecaminosa is a Police Action RPG and will be released by the end of the year for PC, MAC, Linux, as well as for the Nintendo Switch.

The player will be able to freely explore a typical north-american city during the 40s, reproduced in pixel art, with a vintage jazz sound palette, and inspired by the film noir genre.

Among other features, everyone that plays Pecaminosa will be able to customize main protagonist John Souza with different apparel and weapons, as well as engage in casino activities such as Blackjack and Poker.

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