• Floors 91 to100 have been added to Abyss
  • Comet Temple, a city-sized temple once called the heart of an empire, is now open

Epic Seven, a turn-based mobile RPG developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport, has released a new update including the opening of Abyss floors 91 to 100 and the Comet Temple region, and a remake of the skills of the 5-star Hero Charlotte.

Abyss is one of the hardest pieces of content in the game, where only the strongest Heroes stand a chance. With the opening of floors 91 to 100, players have further chances to earn large amounts of in-game currencies and top-grade items.
Additionally, with the opening of the Comet Temple region, the ninth chapter of the Episode 2 story is also available. Once called the heart of an empire, the Comet Temple boasts a colossal size and impressive exterior. The exciting story of Episode 2 will continue to unfold across ten main stages and six optional stages.
The 5-star Hero Charlotte has received a complete remake of her skills, which will excite many players and allow her to be able to be used more widely across different content. Her newly remade third skill, Vortex, now provides a high chance of inflicting the unhealable debuff and a guaranteed critical hit on a successful attack. To accompany this remake, there will be an increased drop rate event for Charlotte and the Holy Sacrifice Artifact until March 12, 02:59 UTC.
The side story Bittersweet Dessert Festival will also have its third week and final week of content available to players who have cleared the last stage of the second week’s content, Peaceful Morning. Two new album photos of Ains & Tamarinne and Pavel & Cerise, the background pack A Walking Trail near the Plaza and the exclusive Pet Idolia will also be available.
Smilegate Megaport’s Business Department Manager Sanghoon Lee commented, “We are very excited to introduce all this new content to our players. We will continue to improve Hero balance and add new content so that Epic Seven can be as enjoyable as possible.”


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