North Mediah Region Opens in Black Desert Mobile

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Pearl Abyss today announced that North Mediah, Black Desert Mobile’s newest region, is finally open! Adventurers can now start exploring a whole new part of the world that is full of brand new content, quests, and stories.

As the vast North Mediah region opens, Adventurers can use this opportunity to grow their characters further by obtaining various useful items made available through a series of new quests and Challenges. For example, Adventurers can obtain Ascension Skillbooks in this new region which can be used to ascend their characters, as well as powerful items such as Abyssal gear.

In addition, Adventurers can now purchase Mystical gear from the NPC Patrigio. Appearing only in Towns, Patrigio deals in a diverse array of items, the list of which can be renewed using Stamina. Adventurers who do not have enough silver can negotiate the price by giving him gifts or reserving the item they want. 

The Forgotten Ancient Maze event also starts today! Running until March 9, the Forgotten Ancient Maze is a new type of battlefield made up of five levels. As Adventurers complete each level, they can choose to either challenge the next level, or stop and receive exclusive rewards, including pets. Rewards will not be given if Adventurers fail to complete the level. 

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