MINImax Tinyverse Weekly build: “Elusive Nia”, By Mokkla

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This week Community favorite Team Build is “Elusive Nia”, submitted by the player Mokkla:

Elusive Nia

  • With this build you have a lot of troops that help Nia perform her task of poking and comboing the enemy down.
  • You can use Sharkkus Assassins during the night to hunt down squishy targets or deal massive damage to the enemy champion after you reduce their defense with Nia’s ability.
  • Racconian Ranger can deal with small troops like bunnies or Scouters and provide additional crowd control with their kicks.
  • Use Sharkkus Pathfinder or Stimulant to give Nia attack speed to quickly stack her passive!
  • Sharkkus Geomancer and Gliptos Charger are ideal to use against clumps of enemy troops in combination with Vacuum to keep them locked down and deal massive damage.

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