MTGA RED Decks are for sure the way Victory Watch Red decks turn things around

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Jadiri Gamer Super Tuesday Red Decks are for sure the way Victory is mine if they have been working the the unbalanced game and failing shuffle Today’s Qwest of the day Black and Green Spells 20 of them

Check this Stream out the Question was is Red decks the only way to win the answer is yes decidedly so if your playing 15 or 20 games Break out the red Decks Red/white, red/black, red blue and mono red .

Watch Jadiri Gamer Super Tuesday Game of the day Victory is mine from fandomfare on

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you wont win them all but you will start winning a bit more than losing and rank will o up I recommend if you want to rank move out of Rank to complete your daily Challenges. never play a deck more than twice if you get three wins in a row even with a red deck the odds will be against you forthe rest of the day with that deck have at least 3 or 4 red decks set to go learn to play them well .

I think we have decks for this in all fairness but this game dont understand fairness or control and is turning vaery perdictable and losing players to the bordom of it all if theyy just wanted to buy cards they can do that at any top card and toy store or even walmart they dont need the virtual ditgal game frustration .

come on out now and fix your game


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