Netrunner 20.01 – “Twenty” released

Linux Distribution

This version marks the twentieth release of Netrunner Desktop for Debian/Ubuntu (not counting the incremental updates), and its 10th year since Netrunner started back in 2010.
It is based upon the current Debian Stable 10.3 (‘buster’), including all updates since the previous release.

Updated Packages and Tweaked “Birthday” Theme

Netrunner 20.01 ships with all the latest security updates provided by Debian and a polished “Indigo” Global Theme, making use of Kvantum theming engine.
Firefox-ESR and Thunderbird were updated to the latest stable LTS (long term supported) versions, which get regular security updates provided by Debian security.
Theming-wise, the switch to the Breeze Window decoration with its darker color increases the contrast and makes it easier to distinguish between active and inactive windows. The red colored cursor (RED-Theme) allows to quickly locate the cursor on the screen and has a retro vibe to it. As always we provide a uniquely drafted wallpaper, which fits the milestone of 10 years of Netrunner and the 20th version release.

Application Mix

As always Netrunner provides a wide variety of tools and applications that can be used day to day (Note: If you prefer a minimal install, please look out for the “Netrunner Core” version in our download section, which will be updated shortly to the same 20.01 base).

There is LibreOffice as Office suite for writing documents, calculating spreadsheets or creating stunning presentations.

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