Chemical Heads, LLC has announced “BADLADS” — Classic roleplay reinvented for the modern age.
BadLads is a massive multiplayer roleplay game in giant city of unique Jobs. Rise through the government to become the vicious President that you always wanted to be! Buy yourself the apartment you always deserved, build and decorate, park your new car. Make your own gang and try to overthrow the government!

The game features a unique gang system that lets players create and their very own unique Gang. Gang Leaders can recruit other players to fight the Government and enemy Gangs!
 Players start out as a Citizens, thrown in a large city of Vegas. The environment full of unique own-able buildings. Players choose one of three unique factions, Government, Neutral or Crime.
“The more real-estate you own the more powerful you are. Create a Gangs with your friends and decide to buy all the nearby estates before anyone else. Now players have to go through you if they wish to buy those estates. You can rack up the price and sell them estates at any price you wish, as long as you have the key.” – Mark J. Grikis

“Let’s say the President bans all Gangsters from the city, forces the Police to do his bidding or face his wrath. Gangs can choose to team up to assassinate the President, once you eliminate him, he loses his Job and his power. That’s the heartbeat of Gangs vs Government. The President does his best to run the city and not upset the wrong people.” – Mark J. Grikis

BADLADS is slated to release in Steam Early Access April 17, 2020.

Chemical Heads, LLC s an independent developer of PC desktop games. Founded in Latvia, we want revive and reinvent classic mods. Visit us online at

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