Hazel Sky Destiny or Desire?

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Destiny and desire rarely align and, in a world divided between honored engineers and reviled artists, Shane tries to find a place for himself.  Hazel Sky ” is a heartfelt adventure proudly brought by the Brazilian developer Coffee Addict Studio and the Taiwan-based publisher Another Indie.

Sent to the flying City of Gideon, Shane must pass the ultimate test that every Engineer must take before taking the honored role —otherwise, he will face banishment. To pass the Trials, Shane will have to fix all kind of ramshackle flying machines and explore a gorgeous but also enigmatic world.
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However, Shane won’t be alone; connected via radio with a fellow trainee engineer, they will strike up an illicit friendship that will change the way he sees the world.
* Jump, climb, swing, slide, and find your destiny through the challenging Trials.
* Repair, build and take the skies in an assortment of unbelievable flying machines.
* Discover the fates of those who faced the trials before you. And those who failed.
* Explore and find hidden truths and intriguing insights into the people of Gideon.
* Find peace and tranquility in a breathtaking world —playing the guitar?
Hazel Sky’s departure is targeted for launch in 2020 on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. However, if you are attending PAX East, Hazel Sky will be playable for first time ever at the Another Indie Booth (#30051).
If you need more information about Hazel Sky, you can visit our Steam page, stop by our site, join our Discord, or contact us:
General information: [email protected]
For more assets, check the press kit.

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