CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL Adds New Character ‘Whisperer’

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C9’s latest update brings a new witchblade class ‘Whisperer’ and many special events.

WEBZEN, the global developer and publisher of PC and mobile games, announced today the release of its new character update for the strategic action RPG CONTINENT OF THE NINTH SEAL (C9).

The latest content update introduces the new character Whisperer, a new addition to the Witchblade class. The Whisperer uses Wing Gun and Arc Bow to smash down enemy lines with different motions and effects. Special features are also included such as the new Ultimate Skill which dominates enemies, the Wild Stack which can be stacked by using skills, and the Fairy which is the exclusive minion that can be summoned to support the Whisperer.
To celebrate the update, the C9 team has organized various in-game events. During the event period, extra EXP will be given to accelerate the Whisperer up to level 85. Try out the new character and reach level 85 in order to receive special gifts such as the Rune: Protection of War God Set, the Transcendent Enhance Stone, or the Hernad Material Package.
Additionally, there will be a costume event where players have the chance to win a Sacred Enhance Stone Rank 3, Transcendent Enhance Stone, and Palladium Joker. To participate, players need to equip their character with two or more gears available from the Costume Box on the Goddess’s Tear Shop, and submit a screenshot to the C9 official Facebook Page:
Furthermore, you can unlock the new character by collecting Soulshards in continent Hernad’s dungeons. For those who do not have enough time to collect Soulshards, do not worry because two Whisperer Boxes, Silver and Gold which are filled with Soulshards, Hernad Weapons, Armor exchange tickets, and more, are available for users to purchase in the in-game shop.
To learn more about the update and ongoing events, players can visit the official website: or visit the C9 Official Facebook page to discuss the game or participate in additional events:

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