Hot on the heels of the award-winning Mutazione, indie game publisher Akupara Games is bringing two titles to PAX East in Boston next week.

Gone Viral on PC is an OTT, pinball combat roguelike where you take on mutants and warbots in randomly generated gladiatorial arenas. The mutations and weapons that you unlock change the pace of the game making each arena run unique. Check out the gameplay in action here:  

Relic Hunters Zero: Remix on Nintendo Switch marks the first time the popular Relic Hunters series has come to console. This definitive edition of the roguelike, relic-hunting actioner includes 7 characters, multiple game modes and 2-player couch co-op! Check out the Remix announcement trailer here: 

Both games will be playable at PAX East (Feb 27 to March 1) on the Indie MEGABOOTH at #23036.

So get in touch if you’d us like to book you in for an appointment:
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