Baseline Games announces Nira is coming out on Steam on April 24th, 2020

Today, Baseline Games has revealed the release date for Nira to be April 24th, 2020. A new trailer was published showing a player progress throughout the game. Starting with nothing, a player can explore an endless procedurally generated world looking for resources, which can then be used to craft items and build a base. Players are free to do what they want and can choose to spend their time doing a range of activities like farming, fishing, cooking, taming, riding animals and even flying a plane. But the world of Nira is not without its dangers… During the night, creatures arise, and players will have to carefully prepare by building defenses and weapons to survive.

Nira will release in Early Access on Steam. Through Early Access, Baseline Games hopes to get player feedback, and eventually determine the game’s future together with the community. 

More about Nira:

About Nira
Nira is a fast-paced survival exploration game. Explore endless procedurally generated worlds to gather resources you need to survive. But when night falls, creatures arise. Gather resources, build a base, craft tools and weapons, tame or hunt wild animals, fight off goblins and find a way to Nira.


  • Explore endless procedurally generated worlds full of resources
  • Build a base and craft weapons to defend yourself at night
  • Fight off goblins and riddle their ogre leaders with bullets
  • Survive nature: catch and cook food, and tame or hunt wild animals

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