Rally the Masses for “Our Secret Below” from DarkStone Digital

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Indie game developer DarkStone Digital is very excited to be bringing its story-driven thriller “Our Secret Below” to Kickstarter in a move to secure funds to help bring the game’s polish to the highest quality it can have and better deliver the story elements of the game.

“My first passion has always been storytelling and every game has it’s unique needs to tell a story well. I’m hoping to raise the funds I need to better tell this one.” said Brian Clarke, developer of Our Secret Below.

Brian is hoping to raise $3,600.00 through the Kickstarter campaign. These funds will be used to support more voice acting, music, sound effects, development tools, various freelance work, and advertising to help bolster the project’s polish and provide visibility to the title.

“I’m not looking to fund the whole project. My wife and I are making development time possible.” Brian said. “I would love that kind of support but my target is to get what I need to deliver the vision I have for my game. I just want it to be the best it can for others to experience..”

Production on Our Secret Below has been moving forward steadily since May, 2019 and is aiming for a summer release this year. The Kickstarter will run for 60 days and is scheduled to start on February 13th, 2020 though anyone interested can follow the pre-launch page now at:


More can be learned about the project through the DarkStone Digital website, it’s social pages, and steam page.


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