10 Days Remain in Heroland “Li’l Slug’s Awesome New Friendo” Illustration Contest!

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On behalf of XSEED Games, MonStar Team All-Star, Li’l Slug squeaked to remind all that ten days remain in the Heroland “Li’l Slug’s New Friendo” illustration contest.  Known for his sass, Li’l Slug leads the team to victory in the absurdly humorous and ridiculously cute RPG set in a theme park, and is looking to expand the slug party. Opening up four spots in the exclusive club, three have been filled by creations from the Heroland team, leaving one coveted spot for the sassiest slug submission.

Li’l Slug’s hard to please and has high expectations, but he will show much appreciation by rewarding the grand prize winner an autographed copy of the Heroland “Knowble Edition” filled with a cornucopia of goodies and an autographed illustration by the Heroland team, featuring the winning slug alongside three friends designed by Tsukasa Masuko (Sound), Nobuhiro Imagawa (Art Director), and Nobuyuki Inoue (Scenario Writer)!
The “Li’l Slug’s New Friendo Illustration” contest ends February 17 at 5:00pm PST and the winner will be announced on the XSEED Games Twitch stream, February 21. All details and how to enter can be found here: https://www.xseedgames.com/2020/01/31/heroland-lil-slug-art-contest/.

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