Explore another virtual world from Gamedec – Harvest Time, a game within a game, thanks to the new dev diary from Anshar Studios.

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Halloween in February? No, just growing pumpkins in Gamedec’s Harvest Time, one of the virtual worlds available in this story-driven, cyberpunk-themed adaptive RPG. As a virtual detective, you investigate multiplayer games where an abuse of power or the exploitation of players may have occurred. In a farming game like Harvest Time, anything is possible behind the scenes. Check the developer diary to see what’s inside one of the worlds from the Gamedec multiverse. Catch a glimpse of what’s going on behind the curtain of the sole source of entertainment for people of the XXII century.

You’ve seen these games before – you wake up every day to water your crops, weed them out, fertilize them. They’re pretty addictive, right? The more efficient and faster you are, the more money you make. But this can prove fatal when unhealthy competition, game addiction, and drugs or other stimulants come into play. And what if someone higher in the hierarchy is pulling the strings, exploiting gamers against their will? It’s a job for you, a game detective. Leave the harsh but real Warsaw City and enter the virtual, western world of Harvest Time.

Watch Gamedec’s Harvest Time Development Diary HERE and investigate the case before it’s too late.

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Are you heading to PAX East in Boston this year? If yes, you’ll be able to meet the developers and try a hands-on demo of Gamedec. The game will be available at the Indie Games Polska (Indie Games Poland Foundation) stand, booth 24071.

Harvest Time is a free-to-play western farming game. In the Gamedecverse as much as our own, there’s a unique appeal to farming games – growing and caring for plants is magical, and a real treat for garden lovers. Gardens in the Gamedecverse exist only for the wealthiest citizens. The Wild West environment and cheerful atmosphere are what players love, or so it seems.

At first glance, Harvest Time is an idyllic game, perfect for people who want to relax after a long and industrious day. And it is – unless you approach it too seriously, or take advantage of the game’s mechanisms to make money. People react to hierarchies automatically, always trying to improve one’s position – and the game designers exploit this. You start grinding, without always knowing why. And if there’s any chance of earning real money, players will take advantage of it, too.


In Gamedec, every decision is important. The world always adapts to the decisions you make. As the story progresses, your hero adapts as well. Just like in “real” life, the consequences of your choices can be immediate, long-term, or stay hidden, surfacing when least expected. Whatever you decide, the game will remain neutral. It’s up to you to evaluate what you’ve done, bearing in mind that you are the sum of your choices.

Anshar Studios’ new game returns to the foundations of the RPG genre while adding mechanics like Deduction, a Codex, and Aspects. These allow for complex discussions, as players create or expose networks of conspiracies while discovering unusual relationships between virtual worlds. Gamedec’s paper-based RPG mechanics give players the freedom to approach situations from multiple perspectives. There is no single solution, and the choice is yours to make.


Your goal is to hunt down the criminals of virtual worlds. Rich and spoiled businesspeople, parents who want better lives for their children, or corporations with plans to rewrite history. Are they acting alone, or are they mere puppets? What does a “happy ending” mean to you? And to them? Each decision you make changes the world around you and your character’s personality. Some decisions will feel right and others unexpected. The game continually adapts to your choices and never judges – only you can judge yourself.


Welcome to Warsaw City in the XXII century, where “real” is relative and “life” and “death” have many meanings. Virtual worlds give rise to real problems: lust, sloth, pride, and envy. That’s why the citizens of these virtual worlds need specialists, or gamedecs, who discover and exploit weaknesses hidden in their clients’ realities. Whether it’s the Wild West or a prehistoric amusement park, these and many other worlds confront what it means to be human. And despite some changes, human nature has remained all too familiar…


Fight conversational duels, discover or create deceptive schemes, save lives, and investigate the extraordinary relationships between virtual worlds and their inhabitants. Gamedec emulates the nature of tabletop RPGs by focusing on character development through decision making. Like in classic tabletop RPGs, you’re given the freedom to approach situations from multiple angles rather than forcing a single solution – the choice is yours and yours alone.

Gamedec is currently under development. Its release date will be announced shortly.

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