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 Street Kart Racing February Update5 February 2020Beat 18 time Australian Kart Champion and former world no.2 Dave Sera and have the chance to win Dave Sera’s real life helmet in SERA 2020. A major new live event in Street Kart Racing.
 Since launch in August 2019 Street Kart Racing has reached the number 1 paid racing game in 78 countries on the App Store.

 Take on and beat Dave Sera.

  1. Race Dave Sera in the main two classes in the game: X30 or TKM
  2. New track: Todd Road, Melbourne, Australia
  3. New Kart: Sera
  4. X30 Winner wins Dave Sera’s Real Life Helmet

 Details Available here:
Todd Road Kart TrackTodd Road is a new real world track in Street Kart Racing. Todd Road is widely regarded as one of the premiere Australian race tracks.

New KartsWe have added Signature Dave Sera Karts, including the standard Dave Sera Kart and the Sera Works Kart to the TKM and X30 tiers of the game.  The karts can be unlocked through the Qualifying and Final Event in Sera 2020.

ABOUT STREET KART RACING7 years to develop and with physics tested by hundreds of pro kart racers, Street Kart Racing is designed to be the most competitive, authentic racing experience on mobile. No assists. No excuses. Close. Fast. Competitive. Similar equipment, similar engines. Upgrades provide set-up choice, not an overpowering way to win. Your strategic decision: set karts up for fast or tight tracks, hot or cold conditions, wet or dry weather?Week-long championships with real-time multiplayer racing, asynchronous and synchronous play, with real-time weather from the actual track location. If it is raining at Adria, it is raining in the game. Do you wait for the rain to stop or set a time now in case the rain gets worse?At the end of each championship week (from TKM (Tier 2) onwards) all championship points reset and everyone starts from scratch. Top 30% stand a chance of promotion, the bottom 10% in X30 are relegated back to TKM. There’s always something to race for.CREATED WITH THE MOTORSPORT COMMUNITYPro Kart Racers such as World Champions Marjijn Kremers (CIK-FIA World Kart Champion 2019, KZ)  and Dexter Patterson (CIK-FIA World Kart Champions 2017, OKJ), Kai Askey, Patricija Stalidzane and many others assist key decisions as you progress through the tiers.Motorsport Commentator, Chris McCarthy (Eurosport, Gran Turismo GT Finals), also features as a character in the games does YouTuber, SuperGT.REAL BRANDSWe have the support of major kart racing brands which are all included in the game.

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