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Jadiri Gamer Tuesdays MTG Arena Game of the day Today quest of the day Green and Blue Spells we have a few decks for clearing this quest on the right day when the game runs like it should , we have already had a disconnect this morning and havent started playing as of yet .

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we are looking for a few good matches to get through this what do ya think can we get them will this daily quest ever get finished .

Well it wasn't awful today ,how ever like I have been saying not only do they need to fix and control the game the way it is being taken care of is making he haves very lazy .

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Learn All yout Cards Knowledge is power here is the thing more time than not its not about over powering the card to breeze through you really need knowledge there is the power it in the knowledge if I get a hot in that removes 9 or 10 life in one shot most walk away from the game or rope out there plan is over powering and there is not enough time and they built 0 defence in the deck so get in a good ot take away a few land cards and there game is over plan foiled.

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