Compete to be the ultimate tour guide in 4-player party game Monster Jaunt, coming to Steam on February 20th

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Sketch House Games is proud to announce that its N64-inspired minigame party Monster Jaunt is coming to Steam on February 20th for $19.99 / £15.49 / €16.79, with the soundtrack available for $4.99 / £3.99 / €3.99. Join up to three friends in local and online multiplayer** to plan the perfect vacation in this unique take on a digital board game. 

Monster Jaunt is a strategic party game that values skill over luck. Up to four players compete as rival tour guides determined to take their vacationing monsters on the best holiday ever. Each monster yearns for something different; the Chinchilly might prefer to warm up at the beach, and the Polarave would love a lively festival or a frigid ski lodge, but an Owlgebra would prefer a quiet museum. It’s up to you to plan an ideal route and draft the most fitting customers you can for this most epic of holidays.

To do that, you’ll compete with your friends in 20 minigames. These run the gamut from high-speed penguin races to competitive inventory management to cupcake-based social deduction. Each minigame is entirely skill-based, and those who perform best get first pick on which monsters they want to join their touring caravan. There are no dice rolls in Monster Jaunt!

Monster Jaunt’s minigame diversity will challenge a wide range of abilities, but if there’s a certain type of game you and your friends dislike, simply eliminate it using the settings menu. If you and your pals have a favorite minigame, you can increase the likelihood of it being selected. Everything in Monster Jaunt is 100 percent customizable, so you can play it your way!

To commemorate this release date announcement, Sketch House Games has put together a new trailer for Monster Jaunt showcasing all of its minigames in action. Check out its colorful characters and bevy of competitive challenges below:

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