The 2D side-scrolling Cold War deck builder comes alive on the Discord Store on February 1 as an early access release for PC.

Vedbaek, Denmark – February 1, 2020. Hubert Dzikuć and Icebreaker Interactive are proud and excited to release Escalation: Aggressors on Discord and Steam, on February 1.
Discord is where a lot of really generous folks have gathered to help create the game and support it throughout its development, so it only feels natural to offer it there. The integration and setup is very smooth and Discord’s rich presence and other features makes it a great offering for indie teams. The game is simultaneously launched on Steam.
Escalation: Aggressors is a real-time side scrolling strategy game set in the hypothetical 1980s world war scenario, authentically incorporating hundreds of classic Cold War sea, air and land units clashing in uncompromising battles between the two biggest superpowers in human history.
Choose your side, customize your deck and join the hottest war ever against AI or destroy armies of your friends in multiplayer (multiplayer is a planned feature).
Current features:

  • Outwit your opponent by selecting the best units for your battle and react swiftly to waves of attackers.
  • Eclectic combination of pixel art and highly detailed sprites of legendary military hardware;
  • Fight in any corner of the world, from the small sleepy towns of Western Europe to the skies above the South China Sea;
  • Breath-taking soundtrack made by Lacrema;
  • Tutorial mode and single player campaign to cut your teeth on;

Planned features:

It usually takes a
  • Endless opportunities for modding, create your campaigns, scenarios and units;
  • Special abilities for units
  • Animated units
  • New beautiful interface
  • Additional content and new systems


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