Wednesday MTG Arena Quest of the day

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Wednesday MTG Arena Quest of the day Chill Mash up today Green and White Spells s as always we will find the the most effective deck to get through this we will continue to Grind Rank XP gold and other reward.

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We all Really Need to see the Developers take some steps fix repair the issue with this game Shuffle matching balance its almost unplayable growing worse the more they get into 2020

at this point we need a win our first game we will rank up things have been rough the last few day we are looking for a bit of a break today we love a challenge but land flood and land droughts over power match ups these are not challenges they are just unfair to all.

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for that matter over powering one person again and gain in the name of just making matches is cheating other out of the tougher workout they are clearly looking for making the game boring to them.

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