Just For Games and Xaloc Studios S.L. are thrilled to reveal the Super Kickers League Ultimate Edition ! Super Kickers League Ultimate will pull together the base game and its 2 upcoming DLCs which will offer to the players new characters, new playfields and more!

Super Kickers League Ultimate will be available in retail stores on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

The DLCs will be available separately on Steam, PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop. More details will come soon.

‘Super Kickers League’ allows you to play some crazy, 3 on 3 football matches, where the only thing that matters is scoring more goals than your opponents!

Watch the PC release Trailer right now !

The game is now available on Steam!

In ‘Super Kickers League’ each team has a unique ability. The "Teams" mode is played with a single special ability per team, while the "Kickers" mode, lets you form a team of captains and combine their different abilities, turning the pitch into a real battlefield.

Finally, "Retro" mode allows you to play the game with an orthographic camera and pixel art graphics, transforming the graphics into a much more “classic” format.

Be part of the match on social medias with #SuperKickersLeague hashtag! Share your best scores to the community!


  • Local multiplayer up to 6 players on Nintendo Switch and 4 on PS4 and PC. You can also use the Remote Play Control function to play online with your friends on Steam!
  • Unlockable content
  • Different trophies and competitions
  • 10 different teams with unique special skills
  • 4 cameras : Chose the camera you want to see the action in the game.
  • Kickers Mode : Play with 3 captains to get many powers while you play!
  • Team Mode : Play with your favourite team and use your captain's power to win the match!
  • Retro Mode : Pixel and Football are all together! Feel the 90's vibes in this retro mode!

Super Kickers League. No rules, no referees, only pure fun!

About Xaloc Studios:

Active since 2015 and located in Palma de Mallorca, Xaloc Studios S.L is an independent Spanish video game developer for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. With the release of Super Kickers League, Xaloc Studios will add to its collection of games an exciting alternative to conventional football games.

About Just For Games :

Founded in 2011 by Philippe Cohen, JUST FOR GAMES is a major video games distribution company in France originally addressing retail. Our team is based in Saint-Ouen (93).

In 2019, Just For Games has started its own publishing activity in both retail & digital with games like LASTFIGHT, Super Kickers League and few more in 2020…

Stay tuned and follow us on social medias @JustForGames or on our website : www.justforgames.com


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