Decision-Based Strategy Card Game – InfiniteCorp Coming to iOS, Android this year

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  • Discover a post-cyberpunk world
  • Play with one hand
  • Discover every story which starts with a different set of cards
  • Swipe left or right to make the right decision
  • Make sure, every decision made affects the plot


Lead the huge corporation struggling with the widespread problems of the cyberpunk world. Deal with the distribution and logistics of products in the “mega-tower”, a place where the local people have never seen a living, natural plants or animals. This dangerous area, saturated with genetic modifications and cyber implants, is in your hands.

InfiniteCorp is about making difficult decisions that are not necessarily in line with your morals. You must come up against corruption, terrorists or dishonest contractors. All decisions, every day and week of work and received items influence the fate of not only a huge company but also residents of Babylon 6.
InfiniteCorp marks out a completely different direction for us. As we always listen to our players, we created a premium title with a coherent storyline, where the player faces really difficult choices. It is something new and special for us. – comments Damian Fijałkowski, Co-founder and CTO at T-Bull S.A. and he added:  I think that this production is another step to diversify our portfolio. The quality matters to us.
Join the world where the stakes are high, and the morality is blurred. 
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