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Following the honor as Apple’s ‘iPhone Game of the Year’ and winning Mobile Game Awards’s ‘People’s Choice Award’,

thatgamecompany kicks off 2020 in Sky with the unveiling of a new adventure season and in-game events that celebrate the best in winter season memories!SEASON OF RHYTHM (Available Now!)

To ring in a new year, fans will be delighted by the release of the ‘Season of Rhythm’ narrative arc and mini in-game special events that dovetail the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day.The ice-themed season sees a traveling troupe of performers accidentally disbanded across the kingdom. Players need to team up with others to bring the troupe back together in time during this ten-week bumper season.

  • Explore through the kingdom’s six realms and tackle each quest to redeem this season’s visiting spirit ancestors and their memories. Can you bring the troupe together in time?
  • Based on a past limited season arc, this refreshed adventure will bring a mix of new and improved returning collectibles. Be sure to build friendships with the gang to collect: two winter capes, four masks, two new musical instruments (with three new music sheets), four pants, four hairstyles and the seasonal pendant.
  • Receive and learn six new expressions from the performers, such as: Welcome, Dance, Kiss, Juggle, Respect and Think. 
  • RARE SPIRITS: Ancestors of seasons past will now travel briefly back in the kingdom, offering players the occasion to discover them, build friendships and unlock items.
  • The ‘Home’ area has a snowy makeover and a fun-filled mini ice rink to skate around with friends.
  • Be sure to catch the special Lunar New Year event on January 24th-27th.
  • Functional improvements: Portals in social areas, Player checkpoints are situated at the beginning of each realm, Teleport button added, etc.  
  • Clearer directional flow for new players in the Isle realm.

Sky is free-to-start and currently available on the App Store (, as well as on global pre-registration for Google Play ( Look out for more multi-format release news from Sky (Apple TV, macOS, PC and Console) in the near future.All features of 'Season of Rhythm' can be activated for purchase at US$9.99, or as a bundle for you and two additional friends for US$19.99 within the Sky app.

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