MTG Arena Saturdays Main Event Kill 25 Creatures

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Saturdays Main Event today quest of the day kill 25 of your opponent Creatures that is our objective there is no weekly XP it will be difficult to level our XP today we will give it a try.

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Ok we feel like a tough guy today of all the matches only 4 losses that is great compared to whats been happening in resent months

we have bee trimming down our Magic Deck collection mostly the historic deck since we can only have 75 over all and we were getting close why keep what we rarely use or old decks of the day and such.


wow Rough day getting through the quest of the day killing them 25 Creatures how ever we did rank up to platinum Rank so there is a lot good happened we havent seen platinum since before 2020 release,

Just wishing the game was more balanced and people had to really play and strategics to play not just put up side board cards that over power the game and take out matches without playing.

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