Eternal card game: Strangers Return in Echoes of Eternity!

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The next set of Eternal® brings some old friends back to the fore as the mysterious Strangers arrive in Xulta! Here’s an exclusive spoiler of another new Stranger coming when Echoes of Eternity releases next month!

The plundering Covetous Stranger discovered where Xulta’s dragons hoard their spoils…attack with a Stranger while he’s around to claim your piece of the loot! Strange days await Xulta when Echoes of Eternity releases in February!

The Champions of Xulta Bundle is available on all platforms for $39.99, and contains: 10 Premium Avatars in two distinct styles – Each Champion as they existed in legend, and in life! The Ancient Nightmare Premium Card Back 32 Packs of Echoes of Eternity to be opened on the day the set releases! 1,200 Gems And, as a special thank-you to players who support the ongoing development of Eternal, purchasing the Champions of Xulta Bundle directly from the DWD Store will also net you: 500 additional Gems 1 Draft Ticket

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