Combat Arms: Reloaded announced some nice changes in its last update!

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Gamengame announced that Combat Arms: Reloaded announced some nice changes in its last update!

First off, new boxes have been released with new content such as the Future Combat mystery box and the Reaper Weapons boxes. On top of that,

when the 10 set box of the Future Combat Mystery box is bought, one permanent item is guaranteed. Going along Valofe’s effort to offer continuous renewed content and gameplay, new weapons have been released: XK-8 Tactical Reaper, Kriss Spec Ops Reaper, RPK-74M Reaper, Reaper Sickle, M960 Future Combat.
This effort doesn’t apply only to weapons and gears, but also with gameplay and game modes, as we can see with the various styles of mode opening periodically during event times, but also recently with Valofe’s Combat Arms: Classic edition and its Survival Mode. On this update, they try to bring a new game mode called World Conquest, which can be seen as a game inside the game, sort of a mini-game so to speak. Only players with a minimum of level 3 can participate, and they will have the choice between two teams; these so-called “forces” are JSF and Creed. The game is basically an experience domination game, where the forces will face each other on various maps where they have to dominate, and at the end of the day, the force with best results in conquest and domination wins rewards. While the mechanics being elementary, simplicity can be best in gameplay efficiency and readability, and Valofe’s effort in trying to offer continuous new content and gameplay can only be applauded.
Right now, World Conquest is only available in a Beta, but the fan communities are hoping to have a polished version of this mini-game coming soon. For more info on the game and to try it for yourself, follow the links below:  

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