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Jim Power is set for a revival in the gaming community. Piko Interactive has launched a Kickstarter project for the action game after acquiring rights. Jim Power has also seen development on the Nintendo Entertainment System, bringing the game to a brand-new platform with an all new adventure. Piko Interactive are also bringing Jim Power to other platforms.

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Piko Interactive have launched a Kickstarter to bring Jim Power to more platforms while improving the SNES original

“Reviving Jim Power started way back in 2014 with a planned release a couple years later. While it was interesting that we discovered a fully playable Sega Genesis version, we began work on the Nintendo NES port almost immediately.” Eli Galindo, Piko Interactive owner, continues, “After some unfortunate setbacks in 2018 we were able to full acquire the rights to Jim Power in late 2019 allowing us to do more than just a port and fixing previous releases. We can now do comics, toys, OVA content, etc – as much as fans want to see. It all starts with this Kickstarter project.”

The all-new, original, Nintendo Entertainment System game is being programmed by Shiru, known for many retrogaming creations across many platforms. Jim Power was never planned for a NES release making this release unique.

The Super Nintendo version is receiving updates such as removing the “unsightly” parallax scrolling many fans disliked as well as other improvements (level screens, different endings, a hit system, etc).

The Sega Genesis version is now complete and features all-new content (shooter levels for example). This version was cancelled before it was finished, Piko Interactive have finished the game and are now ready to release it.

The TurboGrafx CD fans will be able to grab the former Japan exclusive as well. The Amiga CD32 edition, another new platform for the Jim Power franchise, will feature the music from the TurboGrafx CD version (as well as a copy of the DOS game for play on Windows computers).

Stretch goals include bringing Jim Power to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Bringing Jim Power to these platforms would open the franchise to a new generation of gamers. Other stretch goals include comics, animation specials, and more. The Jim Power Kickstarter is an all or nothing campaign​. If minimum funding is not reached, then the backer rewards will not be created. Fans of retrogaming this is your call to action. Piko Interactive are focused on bringing out new games, games to new platforms, and keeping quality levels as high as possible. This all starts with your support.

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