Tower of Babel no mercy, New trailer & Release date

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Multiplayer Switch game Tower of Babel – no mercy release date announced! Watch the brand new trailer!

The game Tower of Babel – no mercy will be released on the Nintendo Switch on February 21st, 2020!

The game will be available for in Europe, Australia and Americas for a price of 9.99 $ or 9,99 €. Pre-purchase with a 10% discount will start on February 1st.

Watch the video here:

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About Tower of Babel – no mercy

Tower of Babel – no mercy is a multiplayer physic-based tower building game for the whole family. In this game, you and your friends build a tower together. But beware! Who makes the tower collapse loses the game.

Perfect Switch party game, accessible, hard to master, great speed = instant motivation!” – Philipp Stollenmayer

You can challenge or play with anyone in local multiplayer up to 4 players with the Friendly, Selfish and Battle modes, or play online against other consoles anywhere in the world. Perfect for couches, family nights and parties!

Tower of Babel – no mercy is a game that cement friendships and break towers… or is it the other way around? 🙂


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