UK indie developer Noisy Valley Studios are proud to announce their debut game, Summerford, will be arriving on Steam later this year. The announcement trailer for the game is available now.

Releasing on Steam in late 2020, announcement trailer live today

Summerford is a survival horror title inspired by the true classics of the genre, using fixed perspective cameras to create a dark, cinematic and atmospheric world to explore, in the style of games like the original Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Alone in the Dark.
Setting itself apart from its inspiration, Summerford features a completely unique setting: the fictional rural English village of Summerford and its surrounding areas. The site of a terrible nuclear power accident in the 1980s, the area has since been under strict quarantine. Players take on the role of Samantha Linden, a member of a group of urban explorers who’ve managed to finally enter Summerford, twenty years after the accident. Sam is soon separated from her friends and begins to uncover the truth behind the accident.
Rather than simply emulate older titles, Summerford aims to strike a balance between classic and modern gameplay, with modernised controls, UI and more accessible puzzle mechanics. Summerford punctuates exploration-focused gameplay with moments of action, tasking players with managing scarce resources and solving thoughtful and varied puzzles to provide a horror game where you truly feel like a part of your environment.
“I’ve been playing survival horror games all my life,” said Rob Clarke, Summerford’s co-designer, “The shift to first person, even amongst indie titles, has been dramatic, and while there are obviously many benefits that perspective can bring to horror, I feel like we’ve lost a very specific kind of atmosphere and environment that you can create using a mix of dynamic and fixed perspective cameras.”
Summerford will be releasing later in 2020 as a self-published title. For more information, please visit the Summerford Steam page, the official Discord, or follow @Summerfordgame@drwayward and @djdclarke on Twitter.
About Noisy Valley Studios
Noisy Valley Studios is a three person, family run indie studio founded in 2019 by Robert Clarke, his brother Daniel Nethersole and Daniel’s wife, Sarah Nethersole. We work out of a spare room in Daniel and Sarah’s  house in the middle of the English countryside, where we are currently developing  the classic survival horror title, Summerford.

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