Jadiri Gamer Thursday Kinda Game of the day wow 14 hours later the new and improved Mtg arena may well be working still remains to be seen but I an login here its almost Friday morning here .

Watch Jadiri Gamer THursaday Kinda Game of the day from fandomfare on www.twitch.tv

ask myself was breaking the game and nearly 14 hour wait fort hem to fix there blunder was really worth what I found once I was able to log in

im going to attempt ths red and white quest of the day I attempted oh about 9 am this morning , forgive the lack of sound not turning the mice on just testing and checking the cards.

First Impression of the New Cards and Changes its all Alot of todo over nothing . they have made an already badly out of balance game even more so .

not sure collecting these card will all that important again a lot of excitement over nothing we opened more then 10 pack of new cards our first purchase and Low and behold about a thrid of these got me wild cards meaning some how or another I already had the limit of them in my collection. I dont mind wild cards but this was suppose to be a new collection right Not just an Excuse to get people to spend another $50 for ssdd prepurchase right ?

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