Joycity announces new content for their mobile game, Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War, a real-time strategy game packed with epic quests featuring storylines and characters from the Disney Pirates of the Caribbean films.

The first update of the year introduces the Tactician Collection system. This system includes various categories of buffs that will help players advance in the game.

To unlock a category, you’ll need to obtain the required arrangement of tacticians it asks for. Once all tacticians for the category are obtained, a special buff will activate. You can increase the strength of the buff by upgrading the specified tacticians too.
To improve the quality of life for players, a Form Fleet feature is now available. This allows players to pre-set their fleet formations so that they can be selected easily for battle and looting. Speaking of fleets, unique ships such as the Flying Dutchman and Queen Anne’s Revenge will be docked at the center of your pirate base! Now they’ll be right at the center for you to admire and easily manage. Unique ships play a leading role in the game, so their buffs have been improved to be more useful and efficient out at sea.
Mermaid Island Conquest will see improvements this month. Rather than having to activate this conquest from the alliance fortress, players can simply select a nearby Mermaid Island to start the quest. You will also receive rewards based on individual contribution, so your hard work as a pirate captain will be worth it.
Last but not least, the tactician ‘Samuel Parker’ exists in the game and holds a dark talisman. You can’t have dark without light! This update includes another Samuel Parker, but this time he’s on the light side. Samuel Parker (Light) has an immunity skill for all debuffs at a chance and possesses powerful attack skills, so make sure to include him in your next Caribbean journey.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War is a mobile strategy game based on the popular “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise from Disney. The game has been enjoyed by fans all over the world since its release in 2017.
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