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We are proud to announce that MINImax Tinyverse has been fully released.A Word from Developers:
“MINImax Tinyverse is out! We poured a lot of blood, sweet and tears, but also love, joy and dedication into making this game. Thank you to all of the support you showed us during the development of MINImax. Thank you and hello! The new story of MINImax Tinyverse begins! “

Your legend starts now!The First Official Ranked SeasonWith release of the game MINImax Tinyverse opens it’s ESports path as well. We are excited to announce that from the 1st of February, 2020 we will open our first official Ranked Season of the game. This means the race for the max level, special rewards and stardom among other players is starting as we speak!
Here is what you need to know about upcoming Rank Season, Rank Season Rewards as well as Club Membership rewards that will match it.

Test yourself at the MINImax Worldwide TournamentsStarting from the second week of February MINImax will hold special tournaments with monetary prizes for the most skilled challengers. We are going to share more information about this very soon, so stay tuned!

Upcoming events:Now, when you are ready to race for your legendary status, we have prepared a special treat. Though the month January MINImax Tinyverse has a lot of fun activities in planned. Here are special events that will help you to maximize your climb before February.

“The Race for Level 10” EventFrom January 16th and until January 19th, 2020 do your best to climb to level 10 or higher in the game. Join the race for Level 10 with other players and secure the special reward for the whole community.
Read more about the event here

Lunar New Year FestivalLunar New Year Festival at 24th of January, 2020. Celebrate it with MINImax by logging everyday for special rewards like level Boosts, Gold, Stylish Boxes, Chests and Ether. It will help you to expand your progression before the start of Ranked Season.

Don’t miss the fun:If you what to receive reminders about upcoming events, balance patches, new game additions, subscribe to our Google Calendar[].

About MINImax Tinyverse:

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