Hyperspeed Brick Breaker Without a Paddle ‘Drawkanoid’ Launches January 21st on Steam

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A beautiful, innovative twist on brick breaking with lightning fast action, colourful explosions and ludicrous power-ups, Drawkanoid goes live on Steam next week. 

>From Capetonian developer QCF Design, Drawkanoid reinvigorates the classic Arkanoid spirit by taking the boring paddle out of good ‘ol brick-smashing action and pushing it to the extreme with neon visuals, hyperspeed action and multiple game modes.

Drawkanoid Teaser Trailer

Drawkanoid gives players the freedom to draw their own temporal paddle, testing your ninja-like reflexes as you strategically blast off a supersonic ball that shatters everything into explosion-filled eye candy. Bullet time lets players tactically deploy various power-ups and score huge combos, gradually accelerating the speed to increase the challenge. Drawkanoid features multiple game modes, including a tension-mounting race against the clock in Countdown, and a Zen mode to completely zone out in as you groove to trance-inducing chiptunes while therapeutically smashing neon bricks into kaleidoscopic patterns.

Drawkanoid won NGDC Season III Game of the Year award in 2019 and was an IndieCade 2018 finalist.

Follow Drawkanoid on:
Official website: http://www.drawkanoid.com
Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/951370/Drawkanoid/

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