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Today, Perfect World Entertainment,a leading distributor of live service games, and Cryptic Studios have shown a first glimpse into the Magic: Legends game system, the new and free action MMORPG based on Magic: The Gathering,the iconic strategy card game. The time has come for both Magic fans and action MMORPGs to become planeswalkers and save the Multiverse from the greatest threat it has ever faced. Players will explore some of the saga's most iconic blueprints, gain mana-based spells, and gather the power to overcome their enemies during combat. Magic: Legends will make its official world debut on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation®4 in 2021.

Magic: Legends beta tests will begin this spring! The first game tests will feature two new Planeswalkers, the geomande capable of breaking the earth and the mental wizard wielding a great psychic power. Players who want to be part of the action can visit and sign up for chances to play.

Check out the magic: Legendsgame system trailer:

Download Magic: Legendspress material :

"The whole team was overwhelmed by the incredible response we received from both players and Fans of Magic: The Gathering when we announced Magic: Legends last month," said Stephen Ricossa, executive producer of Magic: Legends. "Now we're excited to be able to show a first look at what makes this a special game. We can't wait to see players take on the role of a planeswalker and get powerful spells to take on some of the most dangerous opponents of the known Multiverse."

The first trailer for the MMORPG action game system based on Magic: The Gatheringis released. –
– The beta testing phase begins in spring 2020, open registrations in

From the developers responsible for Neverwinter comes a new MMORPG of top-perspective action with a fast-paced combat system inspired by Magic: The Gathering. An ancient force moves in the dark and presents an incessant threat to the entire Multiverse. Players will feel the full power of becoming planeswalkers and discover gripping mana-based spells to strategically build the perfect hand of balanced attacks and control the chaos of the battlefield. As they freely explore the vast blueprints of Magic: The Gathering,players will battle alongside the iconic characters and legendary creatures that made the popular card game famous. The main features of Magic: Legends include:

  • Become a Planeswalker:Players can choose from five varied classes and switch between different planeswalkers at any time.
  • Walk your own way:Players will have to cross several planes to save the Multiverse, but the path they're weave is their decision.
  • Control chaos– Control chaos in a real-time combat system. Choosing the spells that make up each hand requires a lot of strategy, as they will be randomly stolen during attacks.
  • Collect and upgrade: Players will discover countless spells and gather fragments of them to make them more powerful.
  • Team Fight– Magic: Legends plans can be crossed alone or in the company of up to two other planeswalkers.

Check out the first two classes that have been announced for Magic: Legends:

  • The geomante channels the power of the earth to crush its enemies at close range with devastating stone and lava attacks. He is able to fit punches that would incapacitate other planeswalkers with his stone shield. Geomings prefer to resort to creatures such as goblins, kavu and earth elementals.
  • The mental wizard personifies the cold intellect. As a planeswalker that focuses on psychic powers, they can face enemies from a safe distance, control projectiles with telekinetic powers, and nullify the most dangerous adversaries with spells that sleep them or turn them against their allies.

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Perfect World Entertainment is a leading distributor of video games as a service in North America and Europe. Founded in 2008, Perfect World Entertainment is known for creating and distributing titles based on world-renowned franchises, such as Star Trek or Dungeons & Dragons. The company's popular MMO games, including Neverwinter, Star Trek Online and PWI,have grossed more than $500 million worldwide since its launch. Perfect World Entertainment also partners with studios such as Gunfire Games, developers of Remnant: From the Ashes,or Unknown Worlds, developers of Subnautica,to help distribute their titles globally. Perfect World Entertainment is a subsidiary of Perfect World Group and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. More information is available at:

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