1. MINImax Tinyverse turns a new leaf for its mobile version.
- MINImax will now be available on iOS and Android in addition to Steam.
- You can now search for MINImax Tinyverse on the App Store and the Google Play Store

2. MINImax Tinyverse, brand new!
- The existing version of MINImax Tinyverse has been totally reinvented to create a completely brand new game.
- The Lobby and User Interface have been changed in order to provide a more intuitive gaming experience.
- Given the huge changes made to the game, all accounts will be reset.
- Current players will receive Gold, one of the new currencies in the Tinyverse, to replace their lost units and currency.

3. Introducing a new progression system
- All MINImax Champions, Troopers, Towers and Miracles will now have levels. You will now be able to level-up these units.
- You will be able to use the unit cards you receive as rewards to level them up.
- The more you level-up, the better the stats of your Units get. In-game, that will translate in higher and stronger performance.

4. New Battle Mechanics
4-1) New Trooper Spawn System
- Up to now, when a trooper was sent to battle, they would spawn at the base. Now, you will be able to have the troopers spawn from where you want on the map by dropping them within an available perimeter.
- With this new system, you will be able to respond more immediately to enemy attacks and choose where you want your MINIs to attack.

4-2) New Maps
New maps have been added. You will be able to experience them as you keep leveling up.
- The original map had been created so that players could take advantage of its topographical features. On mobile devices however, it was not easy or comfortable to play on.
- Now, regardless of the platform, the game will be more simple and adapted to a more immediate type of gameplay.

5. New Rewards System
- Players will be able to receive a Gift Box at set times.
- Tickets won through Battles will allow you to purchase Boxes and Chests.
- In boxes and chests you will be able to find Champion, Tower, Trooper and Miracle cards as well as various boosts and items.

6- Level Pass and Club Membership
- In the Level Pass, every time you level up, you can receive a reward.
- With the addition of the Club Membership System, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the club you are a part of.

7. Reorganization of the Shop
-The organization and goods of the shop have been renewed.
- You can receive gift boxes for free, and other ones simply by playing or spending some money in the shop
- Accessories and Skins for your MINIs have been added.
- You wil be able to find a selection of different boosts

8. New costumes and cosmetic items.
- More than 100 new costume items have been added.
- Try using cosmetic items to make your MINImax experience one of a kind.
- You can check all of your cosmetic items through the Collection menu in the Lobby.

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