Forgotten Passages is a game with 100 tiny visual levels, 1 hour of simple gameplay ( basically a walking simulator ), and takes place in an atmospheric world.  Forgotten Passages is a solo developed game and launches on Friday Jan 17 2020 on Steam for PC. 
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website: ForgottenPassages.comemail: [email protected]Twitter: @26PM Instagram: @26PMForgotten Passages100 Tiny Levels

Stumble down a surreal rabbit hole and explore an atmospheric world composed of one hundred visually rich dreamscapes. Follow a girl and a mysterious

through the wormholes of an eclectic universe.A Micro Adventure ( takes about 1 hour )
This journey takes about one hour to play. A fast playthrough takes approximately 50 minutes.
( Plan for longer gameplay times if you stop and smell the roses or search for secret items )Simple Gameplay ( basically a walking simulator ) 
Walk around and collect the glowing feathers in each level to unlock the portal to the next area.
A zen like experience designed to be played in a dark room with headphones.Forgotten Passages launches on Friday Jan 17 2020 on Steam for PC for $9.99   Forgotten Passages started as a 100 day project where Josiah created a level a day for 100 consecutive days.Forgotten Passages was solo developed by Josiah Munsey ( aka 26PM ) over the last 4 years as a passion side project. It has been crafted and polished during nights, weekends, and the early morning hours before work.( more info on how the game was developed here: )  

It usually takes a


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