Mervada is the head of the Glipto tribe but also the being who united the Creaea Realm in the ancient times. His memories of how he united the different tribes and of why the war started have completely faded. He does not remember anything that has happened long ago. He might have lived the longest, his unaging body keeps him looking younger than his actual old age.

Despite his macho personality, Mervada is also of good nature. His health and strength are out of this world.

For the longest time Mervada has ruled over Creaea and over his tribe, but he has come to the point where he would like to pass the torch. So far, within Creaea, he has not found the person fit to take on this great task.


1. Bring it on! (Active Skill)
Mervada taunts enemies and forces them to attack him. When Mervada is attacked by taunted enemies, he attacks back just as hard.

2. I’ll protect you! (Passive Skill)
Mervada is an immortal being who keeps resurrecting. His immortal spirit protects allies nears his body until he resurrects.

3. Slam!!! (Passive Skill)
Mervada’s attack knocks back the opponents who are hit. The wounded enemies will see their speed reduced for a few seconds.

4. Pick up
You can pick Mervada up with your fingers and drop him to the place you want. When he lands, he knocks down and deals damage to nearby enemies.

5. Hold
Makes your Champion wait on the spot. While they wait for orders, their health recovers. However, they will start fighting if they are attacked.

6. Tips
Mervada being as huge as he is, does not move all that fast. He doesn’t really move at all when he attacks, which makes healing him very convenient. By using Green Field, you will create an area that will heal your MINIs!

Special look
Here is a preview of the Full Skin for Mervada that will be implemented in the game when it fully releases!

Admiral Armor
Even someone as colossal as Mervada can look sharp by putting on this armor. While he stands as a real pillar for his ally troops, he represents a huge threat to his enemies.

Development Concept: Animation Footage
Here is an animation of Mervada in all of his might! He’s MASSIVE!

God Hand Costumes

Which God Hand do you think fits Mervada the best? Let us know in the comments!

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