MTG Arena Game of the day Friday black and Blue magic massacre

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day the quest of the day kill 25 of the opponent's Creatures we will find the best card to make this happen.

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well that was fun today NOT I am holding out for the new release but MTGA really leaves no reason or drive to return for more to soon

its Thursday and weekly XP is getting close to finished for the week I think we have gained all rewards already from the weekly XP new challenges coming next week with the release of the new Theros cards.

well, we hoped that things would continue as they did yesterday no chance, we had all we could do to hold the rank we earned already. the biggest issue is poor shuffle as we pointed out yesterday poor shuffle on bother sides forcing people to just conceded to decide a winner because either side could get lands out of deck to play more than a card . not a card game at all no way to get plans into play no real excitement to go out tweak or build more decks really kills the need to buy new or more cards

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