Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball is now available for digital Pre-order on Nintendo Switch.

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QUByte Interactive, in partnership with MinimalLab, is pleased to announce Nicky – The Home alone Golf Ball will be released January 7, 2020, on Nintendo eShop (North America). Available with early adopters discount 50% off.

 Pre-order NOW to get 75% OFF!! Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball will be released on January 7, on Nintendo eShop.

Nicky – The Home Alone Golf Ball: Is a very fun action and challenging strategy game in which you have to carefully calculate your movements to get to the end of the trail. Each time you play this game, you earn skills and knowledge to finish the challenge in fewer movements. Be careful, you certainly don’t want to move backwards, because that would make you perform a lot more of movements. There is a world ranking with the 10 players that finish the game in less movement. This ranking is monthly, so each month it is reset and new people have the opportunity to have their names placed in the ranking. Nicky is a little golf ball that needs your help. The game is set in several places, which begins in the interior of a house, then you have to find a way to his homeland.

Trailer Gameplay:

Main Features:

  • Fun Gameplay and Challenges.
  • World ranking, try out your skills against the champs.
  • Easy to play, Drag, Aim and Shot.
  • Beautiful graphics and ambient.

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