​​​​​​​UNIGINE Engine 2.10 is introducing the leading terrain system

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UNIGINE Engine 2.10 is released: https://unigine.com/en/news/2019/unigine-sdk-2-10

Key features:

* Revolutionary terrain system: more detailed, faster, non-destructive collaborative edits, binoculars support, runtime modification API.
* Improved C++ and C# API: simplified object management, improved thread safety, and stability, better code readability.
* UnigineEditor extensions: public API, plugin system.
* High-Level Car Physics System: wheeled vehicle simulation.
* Improved clouds: more types, better visuals.
* IG updates: adaptive quality management, better synchronization, easier configuration, API improvements.
* New Build tool for assembling standalone project builds.
* Texture Profiler tool for assets optimization.
* Teslasuit integration (full-body haptics).

Here is the video illustrating the unique capabilities of new terrain system:

Full list of changes: https://developer.unigine.com/en/devlog/20191225-unigine-2.10

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