MTG Arena Game of the day its Sunday

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Jadiri Gamer MTG Arena Game of the day its Sunday Blue and green spell day here at fandomfare everything has rolled over we have weekly XP and the rest again.

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Another BS day In the Arena Where you can only win if you pay through the Nose unless you own a Mono deck of any type s

let us see how this Sunday treats us things have been very strange in-game the last days it seems the bot baggers have taken over the game.

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Not going to go on and on here for now about how bad this game has got or how wizards have just stopped taking reports of bad shuffle and such seriously or how they have stopped trying to keep bots and auto-playing out of there game just know the game since its became open has gone to hell apparently no one cares but millions of player being cheated.

the new season is coming new cards and update that fix nothing all on there way in a few days there is a whole new year of MTGA customer and players being Ignored is on its way to a computer near you.

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