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SHIFTRICK announces that 2D hybrid sandbox game, RE:OZMA, is available on Steam Early Access for Windows PC players.(Since Dec 19, 2019)  

-Accessible sandbox game with fast and exciting action

“RE:OZMA” is a game that the survival and exploration of an alien who is left with only his soul after a massive space explosion burned his entire body. While elements such as digging, crafting, building and housing of sandboxes remain, seek more accessible sandbox games with fast and exciting action.

The Early Access version will unveil new character design ‘flame’ and a total of 22 new skills that fit the changed action concept, along with five different types of boss monsters and 200 objects that users can create themselves. Also, the character makes an infinite transformation by excavating graves of past dead aliens, collecting body parts of aliens and merging them with his own soul.

“After the recent demo test, we have been trying new things through combining actions to lower barriers to entering the sandbox genre itself. We will ultimately seek to expand and converge various genres and develop RE:OZMA a better, fun game through communication with platers during early access.”
— Kelly Choi, CEO  

If you have any questions or are interested in review, please contact us.

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About the developers
Shiftrick (CEO Kelly Choi) is a new start-up company founded in March, 2018.  
SHIFTRICK is founded in 2018, we are 5 people. Starting members of Shiftrick have an average of 11 years of experience going back to the early 2000s: from working for a large publishing game company to a game developing company. We have been launching and providing service for 15 PC game titles in various countries. We have different experiences from game development, QA to service. We felt the possibility and potential of the global game market. Also, We wanted to find a dream company looking at the members who chase after the ‘fun’ of the game; who find fun in their lives through work; who proactively focus on work. In addition, we thought to myself going through these experiences that I would like to provide cultural content where players from all over the world can play together. Our final goal is to share the universal language of “fun” with players and communicate it through fresh game content and great service quality from our years of experience and Know-how from our time in the game industry.

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