La Tale – New Subclass Release and All Subclasses Available to All Main Classes

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La Tale is a 2D side scroller MMORPG with anime-styled characters and story. It consists of 16 unique classes to play from, and with 10 subclasses that players can convert to. Players can revert to their main classes whenever they wish to, so they can engage in 2 different play styles with 1 character. From gunslinging rangers (Der Freischütz) to powerful Demigods (Demigod), there are many ways for players to go through their journey in La Tale.

Like other MMORPGs, the game has many items to work with, including weapons, armor, accessories, special items, and pets.

La Tale has both dungeons and fields where dungeons have a specific amount of entries per day while the fields can be farmed indefinitely.

La Tale offers many contents other than farming dungeons or field monsters. It also consists of scenario quests which tells the story of La Tale, weekly challenges, legend quests that reward you with powerful skills, Champion’s Scroll, summonables, reputations, and many more.

Players can feel the power of the subclasses with the new subclass revamp update: Heroes X in December 2019! It brought back many users with this exciting content update and its new & returning user promotions. A new subclass was also added with this update, named “Jewel Star”, who specializes in supporting their teammates while dishing out lots of magic damage.

All subclasses are now available to each classes: The new subclass revamp made players be able to conveniently switch to any subclasses they wish to with a click of a button and can revert back to their main class with a cooldown time of 1 minute. Players who want to try a different subclass can play a different subclass without having to create a new character.

Many new stories arise with this update by introducing a new city in the Eastland called “Tartaros”; A city that was built by the Dark Lady Shynic who is one of the seven champions in La Tale. Unravel the dark secrets of Shynic and defeat the evil monsters in our newest dungeon: Chamber of Hell!

Players will gain interesting experiences to their journey with many new equipment items, new dungeons, hundreds of new quests, and new adorable pets with this new update.
More information about the Heroes X update can be found here:

La Tale Official Site:
La Tale is also available on Steam:

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