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It’s a Bavarian success story paving the way into the future of virtual gaming: After having released the singleplayer experience of Das Boot VR Demise to HTC Viveport earlier this year, Das Boot VR Escape invites players to go on a breathtaking cooperative diving mission at over 300 Hologate locations in more than 30 countries. Having already released World of Tanks VR together, the game marks the second partnership of Munich’s developer family rcp with Hologate, an exclusive venture to develop the virtual experience for their location-based VR platform. It is based on the same-named TV series directed by Andreas Prochaska and coproduced by Bavaria Fiction, Sky Deutschland and Sonar Entertainment using motives from the novels Das Boot and Die Festung written by Lothar-Günther Buchheim. The series is already heading into its second season.

With the release of Das Boot VR Escape, remote control productions (rcp) is docking to Hologate arcades worldwide.

Totally unique in its approach to combine a challenging and realistic U-boat simulation with demanding escape game mechanisms, Das Boot VR Escape allows its players to experience first-hand the horrors of World War II. Including all the claustrophobia and stress ensuing while being trapped in the depths of the ocean. The result is the first virtual anti-war game ever, a deeply immersive adventure that only works when being shared with others.  Produced by rcp and developed by Aesir Interactive (Ostwind), Das Boot VR Escape forces its four players to work hand in hand to rescue a German U-boat that has come under attack by British destroyers during World War II. It’s the beginning of a desperate fight for survival, centering around the attempts to drive away the destroyer without totally sinking it while trying to preserve the own ship at the same time. It’s a breathtaking mission, which lets players step into the shoes of Commander, Watch Officer, Chief Engineer or Helmsman to work as a team and coordinate their counteractions precisely to avoid certain death.

The result is much more than just another VR game:  In order to master the virtual challenge, players really have to work together, making sure to talk every decision through before taking desperate measures. As an immersive experience, it is also much more demanding than your general VR gaming experience. At the same time its atmosphere and authenticity make it so much more appealing, thanks to the unique multiplayer VR systems on more than 300 Hologate locations worldwide. By inviting four players to dive deep into visually arresting virtual worlds at the same time, Das Boot VR Escape excels in being a joined experience far from your standard gaming routines at home. 

Das Boot has been licensed for games by Bavaria Fiction

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