Golden Axes! Blade & Soul: Will of Iron Update is now Live

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As mechanically enhanced supersoldiers attack the Talus Dominion in the Earthen Realm, Empress Yunma Fei needs help to put an end to the attacks once and for all. Players will be able to take on these super soldiers in the Silversteel Side Story Quest in the Blade & Soul: Will of Iron update, which is now live.

Another major part of this update is the new Third Specialization for Destroyers: The Way of the Iron Will. The new spec answers the age-old question

“what’s better than carrying a giant axe into battle” with “carrying two giant axes of gleaming gold into battle.” The Way of the Iron Will balances raw damage output with some party-friendly abilities by way of party damage buffs, defensive buffs, and a party-saving Iron Plating ability.

Because it’s the holiday season, the “Will of Iron” update also includes the Reindeer Holiday Challenge. Players can collect Reindeer Ornaments through the login rewards and by completing four daily challenges a day. Players can trade in their Reindeer Ornaments they’ve collected for holiday-themed cosmetics, upgrade materials, and more.

Other content updates for Blade & Soul: Will of Iron include:

  • Hangar 0 – A new 6-player heroic dungeon for the best of the best. Hanger 0 is home to deadly martial automatons. Players must put an end to their evil machinations.
  • Auto-Fishing – For players who are angling for more leisure time, the fishing system has been updated to allow players to automatically fish for up to ~12 hours a day. The Auto-Bait items needed for auto-fishing can be purchased from Associate Master Anglers in game or via the Hongmoon Store. To commemorate the occasion, the Auto-Fishing Celebration Event will let players purchase Reputation Charms for Angler’s Pearls for a limited time.
  • Holiday Treasure Trove – Only around for two weeks, the Holiday Treasure Trove gives players a chance to purchase rare and exotic items, materials, and cosmetics in Blade & Soul for in-game currency. Players can open the Holiday Treasure Trove for free once per day or use real-world money for more opportunities to find the perfect item.

The final piece of the celebration for Destroyers is the Iron Will Reinforcement Chest. Any player who logs on from now through January 22 will be able to get this chest of goodies for free from the Hongmoon Store. In it is a Wrought Iron Supply Box, which includes items only usable by Destroyers. The full patch notes for the Blade & Soul: Will of Iron update can be found here:

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