Deck of Ashes Magnus the Ugly Jester


Since childhood, Magnus was given to the palace of King Octavius, to be a laughingstock for the citizens. Every day he was mocked, but he was the first to know about the Ash Box. Having discovered his talent for manipulating the minds of other people, Magnus dared to find the Box and get its power so that no one else would dare to mock him… And, of course, to take revenge on all the offenders for what they deserved. Revenge the whole world.

it’s time to tell you more about the new character. Get to know each other:Magnus the Ugly Jester

Day and night, Magnus studied the powers of the Ash Box and the ways to obtain it. But in order to steal the Box, he needed a team…

Unlike the rest of the Rogues, Magnus received not just a curse, but the true power of the Box, which changed the jester for eternity. But how exactly?

Magnus’ unique power will be a key feature of the character’s gameplay and will influence his cards archetypes. Magnus’ target will also be Lady Death. But what can go wrong?

In the next post, we’ll talk about the Magnus’ archetypes. Stay tuned!

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