MTGA We have made changes to the deckbuilder to allow for easier sorting.


Part of today MTG Arenas update was Changes to the Deckbuilder making it easier to sort your deck sorting for decks for all the platforms will help hugely in deck building

There are some changes for the historic platform 4 Suspended card and more ,

  • Decks can be sorted based on the following criteria:
    • Format (Standard, Historic, Pauper, Singleton, Brawl)
    • Last Modified or Alphabetical
    • Name
    • Color Identity
  • Decks no longer require the set or collection number when importing them to MTG Arena.
    • Note: Decks will still contain this information when
    • exported.


We are Suspending four cards in Historic play to improve the overall meta. For full information on what Suspensions in Historic mean, please refer to our Historic Suspension Announcement article.

  • Once Upon a Time – We’re seeing much the same thing in Historic that we saw in Standard and Pioneer: Once Upon a Time is very prevalent in any top decks playing Green, and it is leading to Green in general being over-represented in the meta.
  • Field of the Dead – Similar to Once Upon a Time, Field of the Dead is constraining Historic in much the same way it affected Pioneer: it’s having too large of a damping effect on controlling and reactive deck options.
  • Veil of Summer – Much as we saw in Standard and Pioneer, Veil of Summer’s high efficiency is proving stifling to the overall metagame by neutralizing too many counterplay options.
  • Oko, Thief of Crowns – We wanted to give Oko a chance in Historic, but the data is showing similar, though less severe, issues to what we saw in Standard. Good night, sweet prince.

The following card is now available for play in Historic:

  • Rhys the Redeemed – Though we’ve added this card particularly for Brawl, it will also be available for play in Historic and can be crafted using rare Wildcards.


  • An automatic stop has been added before declaring attackers if you have a spell or ability that would let creatures with Defender attack.
  • In cases where you can search your opponent’s hand or graveyard, we now default to checking their hand.
  • When selecting one or more cards in a Graveyard browser, cards that have an ability on the stack, or are referenced by an spell or ability on the stack, are offset.
    • For example, if your opponent has two Cauldron Familiars in their graveyard, and one is returning to the battlefield, you will be able to tell which is which when playing a card that exiles a creature from the graveyard.
  • Daily / Weekly Wins objectives now show current progress and total goal (15 wins) with a segmented progress bar:


Rhys the Redeemed is now available on MTG Arena!

  • Rhys the Redeemed is legal in Brawl (as your commander, or in a deck that shares the same color identity) as well as in Historic.
    • Rhys is not legal in any other Standard format or events.
  • Rhys can be crafted using Wildcards.
  • Players can also earn a copy of Rhys the Redeemed by winning their first game in the Brawlidays event.

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