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Overdox released its most anticipated v1.3.0 update today. Mobile games developer Haegin’s sophomore title, Overdox has gained

Overdox released its most anticipated v1.3.0 update today. Mobile games developer Haegin’s sophomore title, Overdox has gained a global following with its unique all-melee take on the traditional battle royale genre since worldwide release in November. Demand for a new team game mode has been steadily rising since with much anticipation building up in the player base.

Above all, the new update added the 4-vs-4 Team Death Match to the game. Overdox contenders will finally have the chance to team up and battle it out in a dedicated arena specially designed for team matches. In the new arena, contenders will respawn unlike standard matches where they are eliminated if killed in combat. Each team will spawn at the northern and southern ends of the arena with teams competing for points gained through enemy kills. Other than enemy team members, contenders must also watch out for deadly behemoths or “Giant Monsters” lurking in the shadows that can be killed for great rewards.

Highly Anticipated New Game Mode Released at Last

  • 4-vs-4 Team Death Match added after high demand
  • New costume system – Color existing armor or buy costumes!
  • Game continues to grow adding FR, TH, VN languages

Team match gameplay will feature other stark differences when compared to normal mode, so contenders will need to adjust their strategies accordingly. Notably, the new mode does away with location-specific credit shops and contenders will be able to access the shop at any point in the arena. Teams will have to fight to take advantage of new Credit Devices that spawn credits that can be spent at the shop purchasing various useful items. Game items will also be vastly different with most items now affecting the entire team, not just the player. Each team member will need to think about what role they will play on the battlefield – tanker, dealer, flanker – or forge their own play style.

A new costume system has also been added with the update, allowing contenders to dress up their characters in festive new looks or select a different color for their existing armor pieces. The costumes are for aesthetic purposes only and does not affect player stats. After the update, contenders may randomly run into lost Rudolph and baby sharks. More eye-catching costumes will be added in future updates where contenders can trade in un-used gear items to gain “X-Coins” that can be used to purchase new costumes.

It usually takes a

Despite limited exposure thus far, Overdox continues to catch the attention of mobile gamers looking for innovative and original gameplay through the word of mouth. This worldwide growth has resulted in the addition of 3 new game languages along with the update – French, Thai, and Vietnamese. Overdox developer Haegin hopes to grow the player base enough to offer further localization, technical improvements and new experiences for contenders to be excited about in the future.


OVERDOX is a futuristic close-quarter action title where players must battle and survive until they are the last one standing. The game provides a fast-paced and exciting experience that is familiar to fans of the MOBA and Battle Royale genres but with a unique all-melee combat system. Gameplay is fast and unpredictable each round, with many possibilities for strategic gameplay utilizing various objects and items scattered throughout the arena. Players can collect and build their characters by combining matching weapons and armor for further strategy when they are not battling in the arena. OVERDOX first launched in select countries in August 2019 and was fully released worldwide in November 2019.

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