MegaCryptoPolis. A strategic game to create a city, based on the purchase and management of land, under the management of which taxes are levied. As lots are bought and sold between players, participants in the game have powerful incentives to obtain neighboring land.


Acquire a land plot token
Сonstruct and upgrade a building
Collect Ether every day
Govern a district to grab taxes
Upcoming Microeconomy updade in MegaCryptoPolis 3D:
Produce ERC-721 tokens those are required by other buildings to operate
Manage Citizens for best results
Trade on the open market
Grab your share of Ether funds


MegaCryptoPolis 3D Demo runs in any browser including mobile ones (available on iOS and Android with the help of dApp wallet application).

Check an early pre-alpha version of the 3D client that demonstrates current development status with the first iteration of visual improvements to be made in MegaCryptoPolis 3D.

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